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LEVY, Emmanuel

Emmanuel Levy (1900-1986) studied art in Manchester, London and Paris. Under Pierre Valette at the Manchester School of Art he was a fellow student of LS Lowry. Levy’s first exhibition was in 1924 at the Manchester City Gallery, which was to be the first of many both at home and abroad. Among others he had six solo shows in Manchester between 1925–63 plus a number in London. There was a retrospective at Salford City Art Gallery, 1948; another at Fieldborne Galleries, 1976; and one at Stockport Art Gallery, 1982. Levy taught art at Victoria University of Manchester School of Architecture, and was a Lecturer at Manchester and Stockport College of Art during the 1950s and 1960s. He was a member of the Manchester Society of Modern Painters and the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts


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